Cattery van 't Wentershoes

In memoriam

Amber is a lilac British Shorthair.
She was born on June 18, 2002 at the
Cattery van 't Wentershoes.
Amber is a lovely daughter from our own Grizzly's first set.

2 year old

Amber is 6 months old in this picture and can sometimes act very funny. Eating is her biggest hobby for which you can wake her up about any time.

And once awake, .......... She wants nothing else as playing.

pedigree Amber


Date: Show:   Results:
20-10-2002 N.K.F.V. in Zutphen (NL)

Ex 2  Very promising!
12-10-2003 N.K.F.V. in Zutphen (NL)

09-11-2003 Niederbergischer Katzenverein in Wesel (D)

30-01-2005 NEOCAT in Utrecht (NL)  
Ex 5
26-02-2005 VIW-show in Borken (D)



Bloodgroup A           
FELV + FIV: negativ
PKD + HCM: negativ